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Volume essential tools kit

Volume essential tools kit

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Yazi.Mua does mega volume lashes and this is how

  • Isolation tweezer
  • Volume tweezer
  • Luxe Bonder
  • Lash Adhesive

The idea of this kit is to help you perfect your fanning skills. To lash accurately and quickly. 

The tweezers make fanning super easy. The grip these tweezers have make every fan so perfect, it really does all of the work for you. 

Lash adhesive is a true black and is light and thin in consistency. This makes it perfect for volume sets, and your normal classic sets. This type of consistency dries faster, which improves your speed and retention as well as feels weightless on the clients lashes. 

Bonder is a MUST when creating volume sets. It ensures that the lashes are dry, will last long and gets rid of the fumes from the glue leaving your client chemical burn free.